We are committed to bringing you the very best products for your health and beauty.  We believe in the Alkaline approach to health.

Purchase your Chanson water ioniser here and provide your body with the cleanest 'energised' water available!  Check out our Chanson page for details on their latest and greatest tools to enhance your health.

One of our newest products we are very excited about is the Biomat FAR infared Sauna Mat.  Find out why hospitals and medical clinics worldwide are using these!

Have a look at our Biomat page for details.




**VITAMIX SPECIAL** For a limited time only, get a choice of either free Audio Book "Green for Life" by Victoria Boutenko with the purchase of a Vitamix Blender or a the Funky Fresh Juice Book for $799.00-$830.00 including delivery - see details on the Vitamix  page.

 **BLENDTEC SPECIAL** Or, if purchasing a Blendtec blender receive the 3 CD Green for Life audiobook and the Reboot with Joe Juice Diet book or the Funky Fresh Juice Book.  Only while stocks last.

   + OR

We are also very excited about our new range of Treadmill Desks that will help you keep healthy and fit while you Work and Workout!

We sell only premium products through Gorgeous Me to help you maintain your optimum health! There is currently no shipping cost for Australian customers to have any of our products sent conveniently to your door (except for the Treadmill Desk - contact us for a delivery quote).

To make purchasing easier for you, it is possible to purchase any of our products by layby - just send us an email if you would like to organise a layby purchase. 

Special bonus currently with the purchase of a Kuvings Silent Juicer.  Receive for free a copy of the Hard Cover book the Funky Fresh Juice book by Jason Vale (RRP $49.95) - Jason is of course best selling author and celebrity juicer to the Stars!  And we are offering a different Jason Vale book with the purchase of the Kuvings Large mouth Juicers.


On this Site you will find

Alkaline products to make you feel great on the inside which will in turn make you beautiful on the outside.  This includes:


The Biomat - FAR Infared Sauna Mat - awarded Grand Prize in Best Medical Device in 2010 by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences!



Chanson water ionizers. Endorsed by the renown Dr. Robert Young - Microbiologist- and he said it's great for your pets too! Have a listen to what he says in the 'About Us' section.

 Work and Workout -  Now it's possible with the Treadmill Desk!


 Sedona Dehydrators - Get perfect professional results - Easily!


Vitamix 5200 Blender

 Vitamix Blenders - the best blenders in the world.  Make delicious soups and ice creams in seconds!


Kuvings Silent Cold press Juicing Machines.  Retains all the phytonutrients. Our machines will also juice pineapple and juices up to double the amount of juice over some juicers.

 Blendtec Blenders HP3A (3 Horsepower) the most powerful home market blender available!




And for your gorgeous pets...

Kim Laube Dog/Animal Clippers - Cut your grooming time in half with the fastest, lightest and most powerful clipper in the world!


    All fantastic products which will make you feel great - and make you look great!  You will notice astounding results in your skin by using the Alkaline approach.

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