Chanson VS-70 Water Ionizer

Imagine providing you and your family the cleanest and healthiest water available. Meet the Chanson VS-70, the #1 selling under bench unit in America - now available to all Australians. It produces healing alkaline water as high as 11.7 pH and strong cleaning acidic water as low as 2.4 pH. Not many water ionizers could achieve these numbers without additives which makes the Chanson VS-70 truly remarkable. To top off the performance the activated carbon filter removes lead and bacterial directly from the source water.



Chanson VS-70 Water Ionizer $2295.00


For only $200.00 Receive a Prefilter set valued at $289.00 RRP (removes flourides, chlorine, arsenic, pesticides and 100+ contaminents).  Additionally receive free of charge an Ionizer Armour valued at $109.00 which will reduce scale buildup in the machine 40-60% not only in the plate cell but inside the entire machine which could help the machine to last even longer!

**Please note - if you live in an area where you have hard water you will need two Ionizer Armours rather than one and will need to pay an extra $100 so that we can include two of these for you as the machine cannot be used without them because of the high level of calcium buildup caused from using hard water.

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Chanson Highlights

30+ years of experience
With over 30 years in the water industry and a dedicated team committed to research and development you know you're receiving a top quality product.

Food Grade Tested and Certified
With IS09001 and NSF certifications you and your family can rest easy that all their components are thoroughly tested for health safety.

5 Year Warranty
If any problems ever arises, Chanson ensures you're well taken care of by backing their products with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour.

Key Features

7 Platinum Plates
The 7 solid titanium plates on the Chanson VS-70 water ionizer are nano-plated with platinum, which provides the highest level of conductivity and durability. This ensures you're always getting the best ORP results.

Alkaline level 11.7 pH
More than enough pH to keep you and your family healthy. This level is also safely achieved without additional additives.

Acidic level 2.4 pH
Lab tests verified that acidic water of 2.7 kills E-Coli and Staph bacteria in under 5 seconds. If you're big on sanitizing it doesn't get better than this.

ORP +1200 to -875
With this Oxidation Reduction Potential range you can be sure you're achieving the most effective results.

Space Saving
Don't have room on your counter? No problem. The Chanson VS-70 is nicely hidden away underneath your sink so you could keep your decor looking great.

Safety Lock keypad

This prevents children or older adults drinking the wrong pH level. Chanson always keeps health and safety in mind.


Dimensions Main Unit: 120mm deep x 225mm wide x 335mm tall
  Faucet: 216mm tall , diam: 60mm
Effective Flow Rate 1.5 - 2.0 liters per minute at 45PSI water pressure
pH Levels 2.3 to 11.8 in Laguna Hills CA source water
ORP Levels +1,200 to -875
Weight 7.8kg
Filter Life 20000 L (approx.: 10 - 12 month of use)
Temperatures 5 - 40 degree Celsius
Water Pressure 35 kPa - 665 kPa (5-95PSI)
Input 220-240v 50Hz
Power Consumption 5w - 150w Higher wattage and bigger plates is an ionizer marketing myth. At Chanson, we know that "bigger isn't always better." We are extremely proud that our "green friendly" platinum and titanium plates only consume about 150 watts of power and still outperform almost every brand ionizer on the market today including the high wattage, large plate and "turbo" machines. With Chanson on the leading edge of research and development we are working to develop future ionization plates that will use less than 5 watts.
Filter Chanson replacement filter PJ-6000:
Silver-adding Fiber Activated Carbon filter (Lead Reduction)
Note: You will need a 35mm to 38mm hole in your sink or counter top to install this under counter ionizer. Either remove a built in soap dispenser, reverse osmosis faucet or use a hole saw to cut a hole or hire a plumber for the install.

If you cut the hole yourself, you will need a:

* Diamond hole saw to cut granite
* Carbide grit hole saw for cast iron sinks
* Standard bi-metal hole saw to cut a stainless steel sink.


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