The Chanson Water C3 pre-filter is the ultimate in water filtration technology. There is not an ionizer filter on the market that can compete with our triple- canister filtered water.

Chanson C3 Filters $279.00

(1 X Chanson C3 Filter refills plus 1 x Miracle Max or VS-70 refill is available for $279.00 including delivery )

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Each C3 canister is devoted to removing harmful chemicals, heavy metals, flouride, chlorine and over 100 additional contaminants.

* Stage 1: Carbon Block- 5 Micron. Removes: sediments, chlorine, chloramines, bad taste, odors and many more.
* Stage 2: Removes: flouride, lead, arsenic.
* Stage 3: KDF+55/ Super Carbon. Removes: heavy metal, bacteria, sulphur, pesticides, nitrates.

Includes: plumber install kit, consisting of inline T, shut off and pressure reduction value.

Chanson C3 Filter Refills are available also.  A package containing both the C3 Prefilter Refills and additionally, a refill for your Chanson Miracle Max, or VS-70  water ionizer is available for $259.00.  These can be purchased from the Chanson Online store.


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