Chanson Ionizer Armour – Protects your water ionizer from calcium buildup and make your machine last longer!

 Chanson Ionizer Armour RRP $109.00

Currently one Ionizer Armour is being include for free in all of the water ionizer packages. **Please note, if you live in an area where you are using hard water you will need two Ionizer Armours to use with any of the water ionizers and will need to purchase an additional one for $100 to use with your ionizer.

The number 1 enemy of any water ionizer is scale buildup inside the plate cell. More specifically, scale buildup on the membranes that are between the plates.

When this occurs your ionizer cannot separate Acidic and Alkaline minerals properly and OPR and PH are reduced. Regardless of how well your ionizers self clean function works, scale or mineral build up will eventually overtake your plate cell- even if you have soft water!! Remember that your ionizer concentrates minerals in the plate cell, which is part of how higher PH levels are created.

Ionizer Armour® easily snaps on your cold water line under the sink, as the cold water passes thru the directional magnetic field of the Armour, the water goes through some very advantageous changes.

1. The ability of scaling minerals to stick anywhere is dramatically reduced. Our in-house testing has shown a 40-60% reduction in scale buildup, not only in the plate cell but inside the entire machine.

2. Scaling minerals are abrasive- this abrasiveness is extremely hard on the Platinum coating on your plates, this is why ionizer plates last a lot longer in "soft water" conditions. After passing through the Ionizer Armour®'s field, these minerals become far less abrasive protecting the plate coating in the process!!

3. Lower surface tension!! Yes the Ionizer Armour® can achieve minor Micro-clustering of the water even before it enters the ionizer!! This gives you and even more absorbable water than with an ionizer alone.

4. No more white flaky buildup in glasses and containers. This is a common complaint of ionized water users, because ionized water is rich in minerals, when the water dries up in a container you will see the dried up mineral deposits. Not with the Ionizer Armour® in place, your glasses and containers will remain clear!

5. Improved water frequency. There's a lot of buzz lately about vibrational frequencies and health, most of us have seen the EMF necklaces and Q ray bracelets for years now- some ionizer brands have even added laser lights and other methods to the ionizers to improve the healthy vibrations of the water. These are new methods and while they may prove beneficial they give you more parts that can fail inside the ionizer. Ionizer Armour® is a lifetime warrantee product that installs outside the ionizer and has a 50 year track record (magnetic field water treatment) for safety and effectiveness. After three years of Testing (as of 2009) we have seen better health results from customers using the Ionizer Armour® with their ionizers.

6. Silky smooth texture of the water. Water that has been through the Ionizer Armour®'s field has a noticeably silkier feel in the mouth. Try this experiment:

Before installing the Ionizer Armour®, pour a large glass of ionized water.
Then install the Ionizer Armour®, run machine for approx 20 seconds and then fill another large glass. Taste both waters and you will "feel" the difference in your mouth!


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