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NASA recommends FIR (FAR Infared) heat.  Nobel prize-winning scientific research pioneered by NASA has been in use since 1997, NASA had the technology patented since the 1960's and it became public domain in 1997.  A similar device that was not easy to use was $500,000 and sold only to cancer institutes. After doing research I found that the Bio-mat is the best product available in the world of its kind and is even currently used by President Putin of Russia!  This is state-of-the-art light technology that reverses the degenerative disease cycle and speeds cellular renewal.

They are FDA approved medical devices used in many hospitals that heat you from the inside out with far infrared light. This raises core body temperature making one's immune system considerably stronger and comes in handy when fighting colds, flu and even cancer.   Pets benefit greatly from them too!

 Biomat recommends  "Every cancer patient should have one, if not two of them so they can sandwich themselves between them to cook the cancer cells over a stove of light and heat that will kill them if treatments are done aggressively enough". What has been shown is that cancer cells do not survive 40 degrees celcius (113'f) of far infrared light (Harvard Medical School). The Biomat uses a unique combination of far infrared light with negative ions and amethyst crystals to create a more effective usage of far infrared light, which is amazing on its own. Negative ions open the cells to eject the toxins and cancers that might have been destroyed in the presence of the far infrared light.

Prices start at just $650.00 plus a small delivery charge for the minimat which is large enough to cover the torso area and is perfect for your chair or for your pets.  The link below contains videos, more information as well as personal testimonies from very ill people and pets who used the Biomat and experienced positive results.

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