The owner of Gorgeous Me is Marianne Dwyer. Marianne has had her own business since 1991 when she started Northshore Flatshare Service in Sydney which for the next 14 years was the best way for Sydney-siders to find share accommodation on the exclusive North Shore. So successful was this that five marriages resulted from Marianne's expert "matchmaking" including her own when her future husband came into her office looking for a flatmate one day.


After moving to Melbourne Marianne then started up Gorgeous Me. Here is her story below:

Hi there. Gorgeous Me has evolved into a 'healthy alternatives' business after I had my own battles with illness. I had been on the Atkins diet for seven years to keep my weight down - which is of course a high protein diet laden with meat and dairy. Four years ago I not only noticed that the 12 kilos I had lost had crept back on - but I was also getting huge boils on my leg which would require me to go visit my doctor and having the boil lanced and drained and then going on antibiotics. I noticed that the boil would start growing particularly when I was under any kind of stress.

What was even far worse though was that my precious little Silke terrier dog, Jesse had been diagnosed with both Cushings disease and heart disease.


I was frantically trying to find a cure for her while asking myself if the Atkins diet is supposed to be so good - why have I gained the weight back and am now getting these boils and why is my precious little pet Jesse (who was also eating plenty of meat and cheese) dieing? I did find the answer to my question - but not in time to help little Jesse as she died in my husbands arms at 10 pm at night on Valentine's Day 2008 - 3 weeks after starting her on heart medication. We were devastated to lose her and I was determined to find answers.

At this point I did alot of 'googling' and came across the name of Dr. Robert  Young, the author of The PH Miracle.  I learned from reading his book that  all illness can be traced to a diet that  is too high in acid and that the  healthiest diet is a Vegan diet void  of  meat and dairy.  He also spoke about the importance of  drinking alkaline water.  I have since come to realise that Dr Young is lightyears ahead of other doctors and I believe in years to come that he will be recognised as a "Sir Isaac Newton or Einstein" of our time.

I was fortunate enough at this time to  personally speak  to Dr Young  through a Webinar about alkaline ionized water.  I told him about  my leg boils and  he  not only  recommended drinking the right water, but also taking daily  FAR  infared saunas to sweat out the  toxins.  And  thirdly he  recommended puttng a mud pack of his 'Terra PHirma' on the boil which I also  did.  At this time my husband had just bought me the  'Little Daddy'  FAR infared for my  birthday - but we did not feel we could afford a water ionizer so I was putting bicarb of soda in  distilled water to drink  which was a less effective cheaper option that Dr Young also mentioned in  his  books.  For the first time  ever I managed to get rid of this huge boil without  going to the Dr and without antiobiotics.

On my agenda though was to  purchase a good water ionizer as soon as we  felt we could afford it.  In hindsight  now, delaying this decision was a big mistake!  During this webinar that Dr Young held I also asked Dr Young what  I should be feeding  my dogs as the death of

Jesse was fresh in my mind and we had bought a puppy (called Stinky) to keep our other dog Buddy  company since he was missing Jesse.  Below was his answer.  Listen  up if you have pets!! (Please be patient while the soundbite downloads)

(If you are unable to listen to the short recording above click on url below to listen to 'The Importance of Drinking Alkaline Water') - 


I immediately put my dogs on this alkaline diet which I gradually introduced to them and after they had also started drinking ionized water when I bought a water ionizer later on, their own health improved dramatically. Buddy who had previously kept on having burst anal glands and getting diarrhoea and Stinky who had been so constipated that she kept having blockages - both had these problems completely clear up. I had to previously take them to the vet every few months and one vet had suggested that my dog Stinky should have an operation to loosen up her muscles 'down there'. It's now been 3 years since I had to take them to the vet thanks to the Chanson water ionizer I had purchased and the alkaline vegan diet I had put them on.

But back to my own story…after this webinar a year went by and I suddenly started getting very sick as I had strayed away from the alkaline diet.   Silly me kept my pets on the diet and I went off it myself!  My eyes were continuously watering and I felt weak and worn out and after going to 2 different doctors over the course of 7 months who had both told me I just had hayfever - one decided to do a blood test on me when he discovered my heart rate was way too high - 110 beats a minute rather than 70 which is the healthy range for my age. He called me back into his office 2 days later when he discovered my Thyroid level was severely out of whack and sent me for an ultra sound and to a specialist who diagnosed me with Graves disease. I was put on medication and told if I didn't take it that I was in "grave" danger of going into coronary arrest. Graves disease for those who don't know, is an autoimmune disease where your immune system mistakenly attacks your Thyroid and makes it overactive. I had lost a lot of weight and my muscles were wasting away. The tops of my arms looked like I had been living in a 3rd world country.  All the extra adrenaline in my body was making my heart pump at break neck speed and was wearing me and my heart out!

 I was very worried at this point! I immediately went back on the alkaline PH Miracle diet and called Dr Young's office in California and managed to speak to his personal assistant a the time, Dr Patrick Sabota.

 The first question he asked me was "What water are you drinking"? When I told him I was drinking distilled water with bicarb of soda in it he told me "That's not good enough. Although putting bicarb in water will raise the PH of the water and it is a cheap alternative that even people in poorer countries could use - it's no comparison to drinking ionized alkaline water.  There's no excuse for people in wealthier countries to not be drinking ionized water.   You go out and buy a good water ionizer today and don't monkey around with this."  He knew I was calling from Australia and that he had nothing to gain by telling me this as I told him they sold Jupitor ionizers over here. But after I hung up with him - I decided to do one better than this and to import the ionizer Dr Young himself said was the best in the marketplace and way ahead of the rest of them at his webinar - so I had his office air freight over the Chanson Miracle water ionizer.

After only 10 short days of drinking the ionized water ALL of my symptoms disappeared. My eyes for the first time in 7 months stopped watering (a great relief as they had been watering continuously and were red and raw!). My muscles grew back and I regained my strength. I stopped my medication at this point and made an appointment to see my doctor 12 days later. He was horrified when he heard I had stopped my medication and insisted on doing a blood test there and then in his office which he then rushed to the lab and he was admonishing me that I could have had a heart attack at any moment by coming off the medication. 

Well, guess what? No trace of Graves disease was found in my blood and my Dr is still to this day scratching his head in astonishment. Click here to see my results

Dr Young repeatedly says "If you do just one thing for your health, do this" and recommends that everyone drink ionized water.

In my opinion, the most important products on my site to promote good health are the Chanson water ionizer and the Biomat which are essential for everyone's health. My skin has changed dramatically and I'm looking and feeling great with the continued use of the ionizer.  Also, drinking ionized water and following an alkaline diet are great for keeping your weight under control!  I have managed to keep off the 12 kilos I had gained by drinking the ionized water.

I am really happy to be able to present you with the secrets I have found to promote good health and well being in everyone's life!


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