The Alkastream - an Economical Water Ionizer
 with a great filtration system!



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At last.  A good economical water ionizer is available.  This unit will give you a good PH of about 9-11 depending on your source water and an ORP of -90mV to -600mV.   For those who don't know about the benefits of drinking ionized water - it is basically a very high antioxidant water that can neutralize the acids and free radicals in your body, assisting the body to rid itself of illness and disease.  After only drinking ionized water for 10 days, all of my symptoms of Graves Disease disappeared within only 10 short days and a blood test from my doctor revealed no trace of the disease was found in my blood!  This water is highly beneficial and very powerful and this is why I am now spending my time promoting the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water.


This unit has quite a good filter for one that is so economical.   The fresh water you receive is completely safe and chemical-free. Unlike many other water filters, the alkaStream's advanced filtration system removes all dissolved minerals and harmful chemicals then remineralises your water with beneficial alkaline minerals. At the same time its proprietary ionizing media charges the water with negative ions, giving it powerful antioxidant ability.

The main drawbacks with this machine are that the filter needs to be changed every 6 months (filter retails for $90.00) and this machine does not produce acid water (acid water is excellent for cleaning and  disinfecting purposes - makes a great facial astringent and chemical free household cleaner).   So, if having the acid water is important to you - then you need to get a water ionizer that separates the stream of water and produces acid water.  But, if you don't have alot of money to spend and want to start drinking ionized alkaline water today that has a good filtration system (removing all the nasty chemicals!) - then this is the machine for you.
The warranty on this machine is 2 years (whereas with our more expensive Chanson water ionizer that warranty is 5 years).

Ultra Filtration

The AlkaStream is comprised of 8 filter layers that delivers the cleanest possible water out of your tap. Unlike many water filters on the market, the AlkaStream absorbs excessive minerals, and actually remineralises with healthy alkaline minerals in so your body receives all the proper nourishment. You've never tasted water quite like this.

How The AlkaStream Alkaliser Works

Connected to your faucet with the robust steel diverter valve, the alkaStream may be activated by a simple twist of the diverter lever. This passes water from the faucet into the AlkaStream, through the filter and out into your glass.



AlkaStream's unique water is created through 8 layers of filtration and energising media working synergistically. The process is based off of scientifically proven research by Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Water Institute of Japan. For a full breakdown of each layer and their functions please see below:



8. Neodymium Magnetic Field to stabilize the IONIC charge and reduced molecular size.

7. Catalytic Carbon and KDF to improve final taste and remove unwanted non-beneficial trace elements.

6. Trace Minerals and Far Infrared energise and soften the water with negative hydrogen ions.

5. Energizing Media creates anti-oxidants and reduces the size of water molecules thereby increasing hydration.

4. KDF and Magnesium in an activated carbon media removes heavy metals such as lead and mercury and creates free hydrogen.

3. Catalytic Carbon reduces organic contaminants, colour, odour, taste, pesticides, THMs, chlorine and VOCs.

2. Ion Exchange Media (NSF approved) reduces hard water and neutralizes fluoride. NSF is a non-profit organization which promotes and supports research and education in the sciences.

1. Ceramic Filter Membrane stops all sediment, and bacteria over 0.2 micron in size.

How long will a filter last?

An AlkaStream filter will last 6 months - depending, as always, on water conditions. When the filter is replaced (a 3 minute job) your AlkaStream returns to full filtration, pH and ORP power. Please note that filter life always depends on input water quality. The AlkaStream has as its first stage, a ceramic membrane that halts sediment entry. Most filters simply let it in and replace the filter when flow slows up due to accumulated sediment. The AlkaStream filter can be removed and 'sanded' down with the included cleansing sheet to remove all sediment and restore flow.

How does AlkaStream's pH perform?

In a special laboratory created 'witches' brew' of pesticides, volatile organics, fluoride chlorine, and minerals, the AlkaStream changed a pH of 6.5 to an output pH 9.5. Please be aware that like any water ionizer, pH output is always dependent upon the mineral makeup of the input water. However the advantage of the AlkaStream is that in areas of hard water with excessive levels of alkaline minerals, it will reduce these minerals and then re-infuse the water with lower, healthier levels of alkaline minerals (as well as micro clustering and ionizing the water).

Can AlkaStream remove Fluoride?

The AlkaStream has two filter choices; hard water and soft water. The hard water option uses ion exchange resin, which performs a dual function.
(a) it reduces the level of total dissolved solids and
(b) It absorbs fluoride.
Please note that ion exchange technology works to absorb fluoride until it can absorb no more. At that time it can release fluoride, and will no longer absorb it. For this reason we recommend a six month filter changeover.
The soft water filter removes less fluoride.

How does AlkaStream handle hard water?

The hard water filter is recommended for water that exceeds a TDS of 300. In this situation it will absorb minerals in the water and elute its own level of minerals in alkaline form. This is in contrast to a standard water ionizer that concentrates minerals as it separates acid and alkaline. In hard water areas this means calcium may cause problems including clouding of glassware, accretion in kettles etc for electronic water ionizer users.

Can I connect it in-line to my existing RO?

Yes, the AlkaStream can be connected to your RO in place of your faucet. It will add powerful alkalizing and ionizing abilities to your 'neutral' RO water.

Can I connect it in-line to my cold water pipe under the sink?

Yes, the AlkaStream can be attached but you'll need a optional kit available form your dealer plus a small hole in your sink bench top.

Technical Specs

Install Method Benchtop
Filter Life 5000L
Filter Micron Rating 0.2 μM
pH (Depends on Source Water) pH 9-11
ORP (Depends on Source Water) -90mV to -600mV
Micro Clustered Water Yes
Structured Water Yes
Waste Water No
Warranty 2 Years
Frequency of replacing filters 6 Months
Dimensions (cm) Diam: 13cm, Hight: 36cm






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