Kuvings Silent Cold Press Juicer
  Powerful 3 Horsepower

Juices up to double the amount of some juicers!


The Very Latest Model - 998 SAS

 (many department stores are still only carrying the older model Kuvings - the NS998 which is only available in 4 colours and doesn't have the new improved self cleaning feature)


Get all your



$499.00 including delivery! Click Here to Buy Now

*Colour choices available are Pearl White, Silver, Burgundy, Gloss Black,  Purple, Green, Blue or Pink. 

For a limited time only - while stocks last - receive the beautiful Hardcover book- The Funky Fresh Juice Book for FREE (Rec Retail Price $49.95) when you purchase a Kuvings Silent Juicer  for $499.00 including delivery on this website!  

This is the top of the range Kuvings 'Silent' Cold Press Juicer which is a powerful 3 Horsepower (240 w) which comes complete with the Kuvings Juice Recipe Book and of course the Kuvings instruction manual.  We decided to carry the Kuvings Juicer after it was highly recommended over all other juicers by one of our valued and respected customers.

It juices about 25% more than the Compact juicer we had been selling for $299.00.  The pulp that is left behind is very dry compared to the Compact juicer.  The Kuvings Juicer is for people who are really serious about juicing regularly.  The Kuvings Juicer first slowly presses the juice and then 'wrings out the pulp' in a second step leaving you with a beautiful creamy juice with no separation and all the vital nutrients preserved.

Also we are offering an AMAZING 20 year Warranty on the Motor and 5 year parts and labour warranty for domestic usage. Why does this come with such a great warranty?  Because Kuvings knows that this product is built like a tank and has the confidence to back it up!  And the Kuvings manufacturer has been in business for 35 years - so they are here to stay!

The materials are of the highest quality - only a far superior product could hold such an amazing warranty. You will find that other juicers that may look the same, carry less than half as long with their warranties - and are far less powerful - (many are only 150 watt and 1.5 horsepower - or less!).

When compared with other popular juicers in the up to $300 range - this leaves them for dead.  The strong 3 Horsepower motor produces up to double the amount of some juicers and 8-10% more juice than some of the best cold press juicers available and unlike many other juicers, this one will even juice pinapple.  It is also the quietest juicer available today at 40-50 dB rather than 80-95dB (which is equivalent to subway noise).  The slow juicing speed reduces layer separation and oxidation which means you can get more benefits from the nutrients and enzymes.

A very special feature of Kuvings latest model is that it has a self cleaning system - so you simply pour water through the machine and you will find that very little residue is left on the cutting cylinder compared to other juicers. 

Kuvings was awarded 5 medals in international competitions (see below) - including 3 Gold medals.  Kuvings has everything your looking for!



   Trend Leader Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in Appliance World Expo-Shanghai 2011

   Gold Medal Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in 39th Int'l Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, Swiss.        

    Special Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in 39th Int'l Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products in Geneva, Swiss.        

   Gold Medal Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in INPEX International Awards in Pittsburg, USA.Special Award for Kuvings Silent Juicer in INPEX International Awards in Pittsburg, USA


   Gold Medal Award for PRIME SILENT JUICER & ODOR FREE GRILL IN 2010 Seoul International Invention Exhibition by KIPA


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