Meet Kuvings Large Mouth Juicer

Juices whole Fruit/Veg - Revolutionary New Design!

(Plus 3 Free Bonuses - over $60.00 value)


  1. JuiceMaster Keeping it Simple Book (Jason Vale) with over 100 Juicing recipes!
  2. 7 lbs in 7 Days (A3 Size) or Juice Yourself Thin (A2 Size) Wallchart complete with recipes to lose weight in 7 days! (email us if you have a preference, otherwise we will select one for you)
  3. Victoria Boutenko 'Green for Life' 3 CD Audiobook set

The first and only cold press juicer in the world that can squeeze and press whole fruit and vegetables. No more chopping when it comes to apples, oranges and carrots, watch it juice a whole bunch of celery in seconds.


Kuvings Widemouth Juicer preserves the nutrients, minerals and enzymes retaining the flavour - and is so easy to use!

***Also there is an additional Extra Option - to purchase extra attachments for a Frozen Desert Maker to make yummy and nutritious frozen treats and a Smoothie Maker for $69.00.  Select this extra attachment when you check out if you want one.***


Has a 'Smart Cap' that eliminates annoying dripping and makes rinsing a breeze!

  Also comes with an extra 'self cleaning' attachment.



  • Low Speed Masticating Method
  • Quiet Operation
  • Powerful Motor

Choice of two colours - Silver or White



Carries a 20 year motor warranty and
a 5 year parts and labour warranty