Forget Ergonomic Chairs in the Workplace - Get Fit
Get a Treadmill Desk!






The technological advancement of computers has made the majority of office workers lead a sedentary lifestyle that probably people in their 90's live!  Most people spend over 75% of their day sitting down.  The reality is we are all eating too much, sitting still and watching TV all day long (our computers).  Further studies show that this is leading to -

    Heart Disease

Not only is it making us fat and lethargic, but it is literally stealing minutes/days/years off of our lives!

Is sitting the new smoking and is your chair out to kill you?

"As evidence, the Doctors pointed out various studies, including this Australian one from last year which found that every hour of (seated) TV watching we do cuts about 22 minutes from our lifespan. That was contrasted with this study which estimated that smokers shorten their lives by about 11 minutes per cigarette."  This means you are better off smoking rather than sitting on your A...

What can people in the workforce do who are bound to their computers on a daily basis?  They are fatigued at the end of the day and the last thing they feel like doing is going to the gym to exercise.  They simply have no time to exercise - so why not WORK and WORKOUT at the same time?!


The Treadmill desk enables these 'time poor' people to exercise while they work each day.  How is that for clever multitasking?!

On average, they are able to walk about 2 kilometres per hour which burns 130 calories without hardly even noticing that they are exercising.  Do the 'math'  and you will discover how these workers will be losing weight and getting fit simultaneously.  Now there's no need to spend afterwork hours at the gym each day - now you can go out and play (with your kids?) instead.

The Treadmill Desk we are offering comes in two different types.  One type has an electrical 'lift' for the desk (great when multiple people will be using it throughout the day so that the height can be adjusted effortlessly with the push of a button) or the other having a manual 'lift' where without much effort (it's pretty easy actually) - the desk can be raised or lowered by 'winding' it up or down. The desks are very solid - great for stability which is very helpful for uncoordinated people (like me!) first starting out - must say though that using a keyboard comes naturally after a few minutes.  Both desks have a comfortable padded arm rest.  Or, if preferred, you can purchase the Treadmill alone that can slot under your own chosen desk.

Previously, these have only been available in the US and have had 'rave' reviews.  Our favourite video shows the before and after results of two female office workers that both needed to lose about 20 kilos.  They talked their company into replacing their desks with these Treadmill desks and within a year - both had dramatic weight loss and toning results!  Their appearance was almost like an 'extreme makeover' - LOL!  Check out our Treadmill Desk - Video Links page with links to videos and other media reports.

We are now offering these to you in Australia - so the price is similar to what they cost in the US and you will also have a great 2 year onsite warranty held in Australia (rather than held overseas).

Create Individual Fitness Regimes...

Once you purchase one from us you will have free membership to an online fitness site where you can Bluetooth your daily results (time spent, steps taken, calories burned distance travelled and what speed you were  walking).  The site is interactive and very motivational.  What an effortless way to keep track of your health on a daily basis.

This site is also a wealth of information, giving you numerous clickable reports to review your performance, track your triumphs and get the most out of your efforts.

C'mon girls - get ready for that bikini next season!


Also, view baseline statistics and current readings for everything from strength and flexibility to blood glucose and basal metabolic levels.

We will also tell you about a second great website we know of which you will be able to sign up for free of charge. This is the most 'user friendly' calorie counting site we have ever come across and it contains some recipes also for those that need to be inspired with new ideas and a blog area to get tips from other likeminded people who want to keep their weight under control.  Also, this site has many Australian food products logged - so you will literally be able to quickly calculate your food/fat/calorie intake on a daily basis - plus log how many calories you are burning on the Treadmill Desk each day and keep progress of your weight and measurements.  Plus you will be given an estimate of how much you could be expected to lose over the following few weeks if you have similar daily results.

Electrical Treadmill Desk Specs for the TR1200-DT7:
Desktop size:  81.28 cm x 118.74 cm
Display: Steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled, walking speed
Belt Size: 142 cm x 50 cm
Speed:  0.6 to 6.4 km/hr
Intelli-Step™  : tracks how many steps are walked by each user
Intelli Guard™ :  a safety feature that automatically pauses the treadmill belt if the user steps away for longer than 20 seconds
Safety Key: clips easily onto the user's clothing and if pulled, will immediately stop the treadmill
Step Up: Low step up height of 13cm
Speed Limiter: if required, the console can be programmed to limit all users of the treadmill to a specified speed limit.


  • 5 year unconditional coverage on motor and drive systems
  • Lifetime on motor and drive systems against manufacturing defects
  • Lifetime on frame
  • 3 years on all other parts
  • 2 years onsite labour on all other parts



Automatic Treadmill Desk (With electric Treadmill) $2999.00

Manual Treadmill Desk (with electric Treadmill) $2199.00

 Flat Treadmill Only - to fit under your own Treadmill Desk - $1699.00


 ***Delivery cost will vary depending on location - Contact us for a price quote