Which professional heavy-duty dog grooming clippers in the world are the lightest in weight, have the most power and a five-year warranty? Kim Laube is the most powerful brand of clipper in the world and the fastest also - so you can do the job in half the time! Kim Laube - is without a doubt the Rolls Royce of animal clippers!

Whether you are a professional groomer or are grooming your own dog...if only the best quality and easiest to use will do, then the Kim Laube clipper is the only clipper for you!



“When I get clipped with the Kim Laube clippers,

I have to wear my sunnies so the Paparrazi don't follow me”


Are you a professional groomer who needs a smaller, super lightweight CORDLESS trimmer for the small little detailed areas like poodle feet and face, terrier ears and around the eyes of those darling little short muzzled breeds?  Kim Laube Clippers are available in Cordless versions if this is what you need.
Or are you a pet owner who is tired of spending a fortune having your dog clipped at the groomers and would be happy to groom your own dog if it was easy enough? Don't waste your money on cheap and nasty inferior clippers - get a professional clipper and do it right.
Although we carry all the Kim Laube clippers, we particularly recommend the 821 Lightening clippers for pet groomers or people who want to groom their dogs at home and a 503 for large hairy dogs, or larger animals like horses or sheep.

Both lightening clippers have the added benefit and convenience of Bright LED Beams to shine light on dark fur, enabling you to see better as you are clipping.

Professional groomers, are you tired of getting RSI and arthritis from handling heavy clippers that drag on the animals coat? Imagine how much better it would be to use a clipper with more than twice the power you are used to with about a third of the weight!
Start taking care of yourself and introduce your hands to the lightest and most powerful clipper available which is quiet and easy to handle.
The Kim Laube 821 Litening two speed clipper weighs just 255 grams. The patented blade moves at 4,000 strokes-per-minute on low to 9,000 spm on high. Compare it with the Andis AGC Super which moves at 3,400 spm and a slightly faster 4,200 spm on high. The Oster Golden A5 is even less impressive at 2,000 spm and 2,700 spm on high.
Leave the drag behind and struggle no more! The Kim Laube clipper will clip the fur as quickly as you can move the clipper across the animals coat!
Suitable for busy grooming salons clipping all breeds of dogs and cats.
And Kim Laube stands behind it's clippers as all clippers come with a long five year motor warranty.
Fits all snap on blades (Laube®, Andis®, Wahl®, Oster®, Conair®)
Kits include: Litening handpiece, one CX blade, one lever and grease pack.

Also includes an Australian adapter plug to adapt plug to the Australian socket.  Clipper has a built in transformer to accomodate the 220-240 volt power.

The 503 Ligtening clipper is perfect for heavy duty jobs. Whether you need to clip a large hairy dog, a horse, or sheep - this is the clipper for you!
Want to save time and effort? Powerful ball bearing motor drives the patented blade moving at 4,000 strokes-per-minute on low speed to 10,000 spm on high. Compare it with the Andis AGC Super which moves at 3,400 spm and a slightly faster 4,200 spm on high. The Oster Golden A5 is even less impressive at 2,000 spm and 2,700 spm on high.
You can also upgrade the clipper to a Cordless option for working in the paddock or shearing shed.
Weighs 539 grams, and is 7.5 inches long.
All the Laube clippers also can fit all brands of professional snap-on clipper blades.
See the Kim Laube online shop for the full range of clippers that you can purchase.



821 Ligtening Clipper $459.00
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503 Lightening Clipper $529.00

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Upgrade to a cordless version for just $150.00 more.