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821 Litening Clipper - Corded 


The smallest, lightest and most powerful clipper in the world! Guaranteed to out perform any clipper in it's class! The corded models weigh only 9 oz. 100-240V available. Easy to handle. They run cool & quiet and leave a smooth clip with no tracks. Safety first low voltage 12V. FIVE YEAR MOTOR WARRANTY. Two Speed (10,000 spm) Fits all snap on blades (Laube®, Andis®, Wahl ®, Oster ®, Conair®) Kit includes: Litening handpiece, one CX blade, one lever and grease pack.


503 Litening Clipper - Corded 


Guaranteed to outperform any other clipper! LAZOR CLIP provides a smooth clip with no tracks, runs cool & ultra quiet, quick change cord/cordless feature, nameplate color chip set, 5 year limited motor warranty. 2,200-10,000 spm (1,100 to 5,000 rpm) Weight: 16 oz. Kit includes: Lazor handpiece, cordpack, CX #10 blade, one lever and a pillow of grease.


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