Chanson Water Ionizers - the most compact and best ionizers available in the world today!  BONUS***Pay only $200 extra if you buy a 7 plate ionizer and receive a C-3 prefilter set valued at $289.00 RRP (removes flourides, chlorine, arsenic, pesticides and 100+ contaminants).  Just select the extras in the drop down box for $200 more when checking out and we will include these extras for you.



Chanson Miracle Max PLUS Ionizer  $2500.00

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The Chanson Miracle Max is the world's smallest compact counter top water ionizer. Small on size but big on efficiency as it has seven electro-plated platinum durable titanium plates.  Enjoy the additional counter space with its compact design without sacrificing performance.

With the latest technology, the Miracle Max PLUS is the world's first Ionizer that will make both strong acid and alkaline water for anyone with any water source.


 Chanson Miracle Max Royale Under the Counter Water Ioniser $3795.00

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Imagine providing you and your family the cleanest and healthiest water available. Meet the Chanson Miracle Max Royale - now available to all Australians.

Get the same features as the Miracle Max with the added benefit of being neatly tucked away under your counter.  And it has a computerised 'smart phone' type panel!

  • Easy to use - just touch the computerised screen!  And be automatically reminded when it's time to change the filter.
  • Produces consistent Alkaline and Acid water
  • Self Cleaning Function - It goes through an automatic clean cycle each time you turn on the machine - flushing out any water from the previous use.
  • Automatically adjusts to your water source
  • Comes with Himalayan Rock Salt Port - this is an extra option that enables you to produce extra strong acid water - and additionally can be used to give an energy boost to your alkaline drinking water - when you feel you need that extra 'hit' of energy.

It produces healing alkaline water and strong antibacterial cleaning acidic water. To top off the performance the activated carbon filter removes lead and bacterial directly from the source water.

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